Perivale Bluebell


Perivale Bluebell provides software engineering services to high tech companies. It's the personal service company of Faisal Memon.

I specialise in the Apple ecosystem. I provide services to develop, test, and manage projects involving iOS, macOS, tvOS, or watchOS.

For a sample of my work, see the book iOS Crash Dump Analysis

Management Services

I can offer the following management services:

  • Technical leadership

  • Mentoring

  • Training

  • Executive Management (CTO functions)

Technical Services

I can offer the following technical services:

  • Software Development

  • Bug fixing and maintenance

  • Unit, UI, and Accessibility Testing

  • Performance Analysis

  • Ease of use design evaluation

  • Crash Dump Analysis

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Security Threat Analysis

  • Expert Witness services (patent litigation)

Work Experience

I have a 25 year work history with the largest and most famous high technology firms, pushing the frontiers and making history. Please refer to my LinkedIn Profile for details.

Rates and Availability

I charge a daily rate, and bid on contracts of at least 3 months duration. The fee is determined by which skills the role requires. I will negotiate a discount if the role offers a training, or personal development, opportunity. I can work on-site in Central London, and outside London westward (Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, etc). I can work remotely.


To find out more, please contact me at: