Secret Message App

The Secret Message iPhone App is a messaging tool. It is optimised for privacy. This means messages are deleted automatically (when they expire). No contact information is kept. No account sign-up is required.

This application is tailored for usage such as in the following example:

Alice and Bob know each other and are in a relationship, but their parents will not allow it. They communicate together in the evenings using their iPhones. Bob contacts Alice using the message destination, alice-salsashoes. This is a uncommon name they've both agreed. Alice can pick up messages from the mailbox alice-salsashoes because she knows about this particular mailbox.

The messages automatically delete; Bob sets 5 minutes.

The messages can be wiped by pressing Delete, or by shaking the iPhone.

Alice communicate back on Bob's mailbox; only she knows this mailbox name.

No notification pop-ups or message history is seen on either iPhone. So if their parents pick up the phone, nothing unusual is seen.